Faster Higher Stronger Straighter



Big stories that need to be told.




"Although there is high drama, there are moments of light relief, which makes the play pleasurable to watch. It’s very interesting that writer Damien Tracey is able to use two huge spectacles as a backdrop to the more personal stories we see. Both stories intersect beautifully with one another. This story is well written, wonderfully acted and thoroughly enjoyable to watch. However, we didn't just get to see some fantastic theatre. By going to see this play, the audience also donated to the Russian LGBT Network who work toward equality and social acceptance in Russia. It’s a worthwhile cause beautifully illustrated in the play and we hope it returns for a longer run next time.

(Gay Times Magazine) ★★★★★

Scéalta Móra was thrilled to have raised £1412.56 for the Russian LGBT network over the course of six sold out performances.



“ Faster, Higher, Stronger, Straighter boasts some of the most gay-sensitive and thought provoking dialogue in theatre. . What is most striking for me here is how unbelievably realistic the script is, informative and, dare I say it, a little bit ground-breaking? Tracey hasn’t given us stereotypical gay characters. The acting is superb, with particular reference to Chris McAlphy’s John and Chris Aylmer’s Darragh, finally discussing the former’s initial struggle with his son’s sexuality. What they do here is exciting and realistic; Allen’s ability to break down and cry on demand is also quite overwhelming to watch. As powerful as Yahkov and Pahval’s story is, the empathy here will be directed towards Darragh and his father’s eventual confrontation of the past, more than likely because the writing fully comes alive through Tracey’s own experiences.

(A Younger Theatre) ★★★★★


“Damien Tracey’s intelligently conceived and beautifully characterised play brings this issue sharply into focus. It does so by neatly contrasting two interweaving stories. What works so well about Faster Higher Stronger Straighter is that it uses a series of surprises that neatly confront our preconceptions and invert them. Damien Tracey is a very good playwright of enormous promise, Faster Higher Stronger Straighter scores highly because of the emotional punch it delivers thanks to some great writing and nuanced performances. It is an impassioned defence of love, and a clarion call to celebrate it. We left a little misty-eyed, we don’t mind admitting. Go and support this piece of new writing.”

(Entertainment Focus) ★★★★


A clever mutation of the Olympics’ motto, Faster-Higher-Stronger-Straighter is a no-nonsense war cry of outrage that resounds with remarkable poignancy in the hearts of its level-headed audience, regardless of sexuality. Faster-Higher-Stronger-Straighter shines bright among other plays concerning the acceptance of homosexuality due to its simplicity and lack of pretense. The result is undeniably successful, emotionally drawing us to the universal joy of acceptance. A heartwarming reconciliation between father and son in one country mirrored by death threats in the other points repeatedly to Tracey’s challenging ‘When you take away the sex, what is there to fear but love?

(West End Wilma) ★★★★